Friday, January 18, 2013

Nebraska has been splitting their electoral college votes for years. Obviously, the whole electoral college is internationally recognized American stupidity. What ever happened to one person one vote? So, my opinion is that either all the states split their electoral votes, or none of them do. And that would take, yeah, you guessed it, Federal meddling in state affairs. But is it really a state affair? Not when it effects the federal congress and effects actual fair balance of representation in that congress, especially in the house. So the solution is either 1. a federal legislation to end the electoral college completely (back to one person one vote) or 2. make all of the states split their electoral votes. When they are done doing one of those solutions, they can immediately tackle jerrymandering because nothing will work fairly in elections until the Fed ends jerrymandering. So in case you are wondering why your State elected President Obama, but the GOP "took the House" it wasn't because most of the people voted that way. Surprised?