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Friday, July 19, 2013

Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli knowingly violated relevant sections of the State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act

On April 26, 2013 the Richmond Commonwealth Attorney’s Office was
appointed to determine whether Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli knowingly violated
relevant sections of the State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act (“the Act”).
The Attorney General (“AG”) provided this office with copies of his original and
amended Statements of Economic Interest (“Statement”) for calendar years 2009 to 2012,
and he invited us to interview him or any member of his staff. Representatives from this
office and Virginia State Police (“VSP”) reviewed all documents provided by the
Attorney General. The VSP interviewed various persons, including the Attorney
General. We also reviewed other documents obtained during the course of our
Our investigation focused on the content of the AG’s Statements. We did not
broadly investigate the Attorney General or his Office. This report is in no way intended
to offer an explanation for the behavior of the Attorney General or any member of his
staff. Likewise, we are in no way attempting to reconcile our factual determinations with
the various media reports on this subject. Questions regarding such issues should be
directed to the Attorney General or his designee. Finally, at the risk of stating the
obvious, we will continue to review information discovered by the VSP or other
appropriate investigative agency.
The Act ensures the integrity of Virginia’srepresentative form of government.
The General Assembly enacted this statute to govern public officials’ pursuit of personal
interests while they are in office. An official’s personal interests fall within the scope of

With Cuccinelli, the fine print matters

With Cuccinelli, the fine print matters

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anonymous Message on PRISM and Edward Snowden

The Koch brothers are buying Amerkkka...

The Koch brothers are buying Amerkkka and buying up our democracy and replacing it with a pig-class that cares only about its bottom line and not about people, animals and the environment at all. Corporations have protection from Citizens United and are considered to have the rights of citizens now while the Koch brothers and their flunky, Paul Ryan and his newsboys (Fox new$ and their ilk) and lying propaganda machine are systematically killing retirement benefits, the environment, social programs (including but not limited to Social Security and Medicare/medicaid), and voters rights. They are lying to people that they want to get big government out of peoples' lives when with the other hand they restrict women's access to health care, citizens' access to health care (which is already at an all-time low), and even school lunches. Anyone who complains, like Unions or environmentalists, are labeled crazy by the right -wing bought and paid for media loons. Meanwhile plants, water, air, land and people are adversely affected medically and financially by the corporate master slobs like energy companies ("Big Oil", fracking pigs, etc., that rape the land and give us the bill by allowing corporations to pay reduced taxes or even NO taxes whatsoever.
It's time to chooses sides. Don't kid yourselves - you are effected. Sooner or later you will be poisoned by GMOs or have your water poisoned or have your food poisoned or have one of your benefits cut or completely cancelled. One thing is for sure: Unless you are rich rich rich your concerns are not addressed by the Amerikkkan government and you are NOT represented no matter who you vote for (there are some exceptions, but even the senators from Vermont and Massachusetts have their pleas for a clean-up of corruption and pollution fall on deaf ears in D.C.). Now they have doubled student loan rates, closed schools in Chicago and elsewhere because they want to dumb down the populous..and it is working. They want you to work for them for less and less and less and not be represented for redress of grievances in any way. The courts and legal system is a joke. The right wing is pumping money into colleges to prop up their unregulated free market ideas, disguised as education. They think clean energy is their enemy. They know, and have said as much, that "One Person - One Vote" is their enemy, the only thing holding back their full court press for gobbling up all the money and all the power while leaving a dying planet in their wake filled with dying plants, air, water, animals and people worldwide. They got theirs and the hell with everyone else, and everything else, even the air they breathe and their children's planet.
The American government system is on its way out. At this point, 100%, without massive reform, has ceased to represent citizens and , in fact, represents special interests like big oil, fracking pigs, money moving companies like Goldman Sachs (who do not pay taxes), big pharm, and the military industrial complex. The NRA wants to sell us more guns and obstruct and regulation to keep them out of the hands of lunatics who kill on U.S. streets and homes EVERY DAY. They tell you that video games and Hollywood cause the violence. Tell that to the hundreds who died in school shootings in the U.S and Canada in the past 20 years. Because video games are violent we should allow people on the terrorist no-fly list to buy all the guns and destructive material they can carry? Wake up!
If you are a woman, an ethnic minority, LGBT, elderly, a child of anyone who makes under $200K or their parents, a teacher, a cop, a firefighter, a government employee, a soldier, disabled or know anyone in one of these unfortunate situations you owe it to yourself, the planet and the next generation to stand up to the system. Spread the word. Engage your friends and family with the REAL story..the REAL news. Call out liars and flip-floppers and legislators who are on the take and talk one way and vote in the Senate and The House a totally different way. Stand up for yourself, your children, your money, your planet and for the truth! Don't accept lies from the media and from slick politicians. Call them out. Tell them that they are full of crap and you know it.
Stop the systematic destruction of the U.S constitution and Bill of Rights, the destruction of the planet, the destruction of representative government, the destruction of Truth and fair play, due process, privacy negotiating rights, voting rights, marriage rights, the right to have clean non-poisoned land, water, food and government. Don't like Big Government? Help get them out of our emails, phone calls and texts. Get them out of your GF's uterus. Don't let them hand over our water, food, prisons, schools and military over to private companies that have no rules or ethics. And, above all, share all of my posts. Even if you win over one victim who has drank the Kool-Aid before they are too far gone, it will be worth it.