Monday, April 11, 2011

Trash Bags for Boehner

Gershon Wolf
This should be a lesson that EVERYONE should vote in the midterms no matter what. This is the dickhead we end up with. A weeping wussie puppet who argues with Obama about healthcare and everything else. Man! he has real blood on his hands now.
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Jeff Curtis I'm feeling a national uprising coming...we need to take to the streets all across American like in Madison. Great musicians like you could write some good new tunes like we had in the 70's to energize the masses as we take our country back from the Republicans and corporate greed.
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Bob Coulton LOL! Blood - yeah right. What a fricken drama queen. Grow up will you?
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Sally Padilione Burns There is an uprising to get rid of all this liberal and socialist touchy-feely crap out of our country once and for all. We did turn out and vote in the mid-term election and what we got was a good start toward change that really matters. But as the old saying goes; you ain't seen nothing yet!
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Linda BlueEyes What liberal touchy-feely crap would that be, Sally?
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Mark Bigelow So the Democrats, who controlled both the Congress and the Whitehouse, didn't even propose a budget last year when they could have passed anything they wanted get no blame? This budget should have been passed before the election as this fiscal year started Oct 1st 2010. Uninformed morons like you are what's wrong with the electoral process, talk about being a puppet!
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Linda BlueEyes Too bad for the constant rabble rousing and distractions from the far right that made focusing on the budget almost impossible. Too bad about all the money the country has had to spend to fix old problems. By the way, last year's budget is...
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Richie Griswold Mr. Wolf, the bottom-line isn't about who we are defending, it's about what we are defending. If we gave the reins to uninformed, detached-from-reality liberals like yourself we'd end up like one of the euro states that spent themselves int...
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Gershon Wolf Nonsense, Ritchie. people like you talk that way, until you have a bad day, and the shoe is on the other foot. First off, doing business in America is a PRIVILEGE, not a right - to-do-whatever-you-want- in the name of "freedom". There is a responsibility to do good honest business. Ethics in business are as old as the hills, and predate the constitution. Piggies broke all the rules and got greedy, you know who I'm talking about, the CEOs from the insurance companies and misers like them. They have no right to do business until they can do it responsibly, and that is that. They only HIDE behind "too much government" and "freedom". They are pigs, and everyone, including them, know it. And Speaker BONER is a fake. A puppet. He and McCain and the rest of them are bought and owned mouthpieces for industries whose only concern is to 1. make money and 2. not pay taxes. They don't care about YOU Richie, but Barak Obama, and his supporters, like me DO care about YOU, even as misinformed and brainwashed as you are, you are entitled, yes, entitled to have the US government, help you out when you fall, and protect you from Boner and the insurance companies, and the tea party Nazis who only want to lie to you and tell you, like you told me: "no free lunch". Well, yes, there is free lunch. When your grandmother breaks her leg, G-d Forbid, we feed her with taxes, and she shouldn't have to go through hell and humiliation to get covered. And guess what, dude. yes, now it is time for the corporations to pay their fair share so Boner doesn't have to pretend his piggies friends are broke (they're NOT) and shut down the government every five minutes because G-d forbid, someone wants to spend a tax dollar on REAL health care, and not just beurocracy. Dude, wake up. You've been had. Don't go cold on us, man. You're an AMERIVAN. Not a corperate stooge. Life liberty and the purcuit of happiness for EVERYONE, not just your pull yourtself up by your bootstraps greedy excuse-making redneck "get off my lawn" fartenheimers.
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Linda BlueEyes Dumbasses can't acknowledge that while we are liberal "elitists" and many of us are patriotic and work hard just like they do, we somehow still manage to care about others. It makes them feel guilty because they don't give a shit. So they turn their guilt into hate. I can see right through them, having taken many child psychology courses!
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yeah. Exactly. well said, Linda!That's what I am saying, but you said it in a much simpler way. maybe he will understand it that way. They don't give a shit.It's all just excuses. I worked my ass off all my life. I'm not going to cut healthy programs now because I'm greedy. Lots of people are greedy. The trick is not to let it get you starting to bullshit yourself into thinking that there is an ethical political philosophy in America that embraces cold hearted greed and stupidity. (And Boner is th speaker of this philosophy. remember? this thread started with Mr. Boner and his trash bags. hahahaha!)


  1. Sally Padilione BurnsJune 3, 2011 at 7:02 PM

    What you don't seem to get is that we don't want nor need the government to take care of us or ours. If grandma breaks her leg, we will care for her and feed her. If she has no one in her family to do it, then the community will step in. At no point does the government have a need or a right to do so. Unethical businesses will fail if left to the free market without interference. There is no such thing as 'too big to fail' and there should never be bailouts for anyone, any entity, any corporation, any country-ever for any reason. Ask some of the greatest minds in, science, industry....and they will all talk about the multiple failures before they finally succeeded. Give us all the opportunity to fail, learn and grow without government interference. We'll manage and take our consequences...and our accomplishments.

    1. I will definitely give this some thought and a response. Not because it doesn't sound like lame bullshit, but because I am (literally) so excited to get a comment on one of my postings.
      I also have mixed feelings about big government. But, as a liberal, I feel that the solution is to fix the departments of government. I hate the beurocratic wastefulness bullshit government idiots as much or maybe more than the next guy. I hate the dept of Ed and the dept of immigration. hate them. I hate social services. But even if we have to totally overhaul them, I wouldn't just want to do a "Ron Paul" and abolish departments. I will give some serious thought to your comment and respond ASAP.

  2. Sally , I am so glad that I got a comment on my blog that I actually allowed it to be published. Having said that I just want to say that you and anyone who thinks like you are selfish cunts and are exactly what is wrong with the world. If the government can't help grandma when she breaks her leg, then what the fuck good is it to even HAVE a government? To collect taxes and build roads? We could do that on our own before we pull the government's responsibility for our welfare out of the picture.Such horrible unreal philosophical bullshit you spew with no basis whatsoever to even come close to having an application in the real world. We are supposed to help eachother out, not leave eachother out to dry and die in pain. And WE THE PEOPLE are are are the government. It is a representation of US , the people. And we the GOOD people don't leave grandma out to die with a broken leg. You must live in a bubble with a decent amount of money. You obviously were not raised in the ghetto, with disadvantage, and then have some Republican ASSHOLE yell at you to take care of yourself when you were hurt and helpless and NO ONE would step in and help from family or the community. Your selfishness is so sickening and so extreme that even after you leave grandma out to dry you have the nerve to spew satanic crap and try to poison others so they also vote for idiots who say the same thing, like John Boner. When in actuality, they send our money to wall street and Haliburton and privatized jails and corrupt judges and district attorneys (especially ones who plead guilty to felony bribery charges for sending innocent kids to jail for profit). Even a 5 year old knows what the right thing to do with a budget would be, should be. Some for fun, some for education, some for the poor, and some for investment. Duh.
    I hope some day you are left out in the cold with no one to turn to but social services. Then you will wish you had voted to give them enough money to take care of the widows and orphans, and grandma's leg if need be.

  3. It's unfortunate that you were unable to provide an intelligent reply to my comment-public school system to blame? To clarify a few assumptions on your part; I am not well off (unable to work for over 3 years now due to medical issues), raised on a farm until we lost it and my parents became factory workers...non-union btw. Struggling daily to make ends meet and yes, we have gone hungry many times. And no, we did not look to the government to feed us nor to pay for my medication. BYW, my medication costs more than $2000 a month and I have not been able to pay for it for several years-so I find natural alternatives or go without it. We are not affiliated with any of the political parties. And through it all, we managed to stay active in our community, help others and love each other. Gee, and all that without the government telling us how to do it. Free thinking and should try it.

  4. I'm sorry I didn't see this before. I have neglected my blog and have been on google+ and FB. I actively campaigned online and chat for Obama. He won, but the House is in the evil clutches of the GOP. Your plan might have worked out for you, i.e. alternative medication, biting the bullet, etc., but I depend on my social security money to pay my rent. For pocket money I have to sell crap ion ebay. It's only 695 a month in NC.If you have been following any of Boner speaker of the house's antics and thetoric, it's simply all lies. He wants to cut medicaid by limiting eligibility. That is stupid. Simple, millionairws did not become millionaires in a bubble. According to me they should not touch (and the dems do not wnt to touch) your first 250K. It's over 250K and (30%) and over a million $ (35%) that it is proposed to tax to feed the hungry and really really IMPROVE medicare and medicaid. The rich folks and thier GOP puppets are so busy trying to cut it. Wouldn't u be worried that your medication would fall into the donut hole? Dems are trying to close the donut hole. The donut hole ALONE is reason enough to ditch the GOP if they never did the 1000 other nasty stupid selfish lying things they do. it is a testament to their legacy vis a vis "healthcare. The GOP congress is blessed with wonderful government "socialized" health care coverage. Why would they then want to fuck with mine? Check out the Rachel Madow show from 12-5-12. Chris sits in and covers it better than I could of course, but shut off fox "news" for a bit. It's already proven that they are just the mouthpiece for the GOP. He;;, they have thier own polls! it's absurd. Even SNL covers that, yeah? No reason to go hungry in the USA when CEOs are funding 2nd airplanes, 5th houses, 7th cars and PETTING ZOOS (and parties) on our dime. I hope that does not make me a communist to suggest that they should "bite the bullet" and not buy that 18th car and close grandma's donut hole, or maybe increase the salary for a new schoolteacher. We can't all afford to send our kids to private schools. Most importantly, health care is a right, not a priviledge. if a person is dead or dying, there is no way they can avail of the right to life liberty and happiness enjoyed by the assholes who purchase legislation to lower the taxes. Ask warren buffet, he will tell you himself.