Monday, June 13, 2011

ragging about climate change and tornados

thank you. we just got squashed by a tornado here in Springfield. I am positive that it is because of global warming. So, finally, global warming almost murdered me.
an op-ed by Bill McKibben, author and founder of, narrated and illustrated by Stephen Thomson of
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    • Gershon Wolf Letter to the guy who posted this video: I just got hit by a giant tornado. It squashed Springfield, Mass. We haven't had one of those in about 65 years. This place looks like a bomb hit it. The weather in general , apart from the tornado and severe thunderstorms, has been erratic. I posted some videos, but they are all over the Net.
      A class action suit is in order from the damaged parties (us) against the government(s) that allowed and are allowing global warming and pollution to continue unhindered. If they are going to keep doing this stupid crap, they owe a lot of people new cars, new stores, new houses, etc. because theirs have been smashed to smithereens. Plus, in this case, 4 people dead and 200 injured last time I checked.
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