Wednesday, July 27, 2011

GW comment on thread regarding deficit reduction discussion

GW comment on thread regarding deficit reduction discussion

by Gershon Wolf on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 10:00am
Comment regarding following discussion:

Everyone interested in this discussion and the future of America should listen to The President's speeches very carefully. If you like, I also have the transcripts, but you can just Google them also.

The right wingnuts say that Obama has not put forth a plan. This is a lie. He is very specific about his plan to reduce the deficit, while at the same time not robbing the poor, elderly and handicapped, kids who can't pay for college, and important government departments such as the EPA and the people who inspect our food so we don't get poisoned.
The right wing, especially House Speaker Boner, just comes right out and lies. It's so transparent. here, President Obama speaks long and clear and honest about the deficit reduction plan:

he's the President. We elected him to apply his solutions to the problems facing the nation. The GOP and their on-the-take liar Party Of NO greedy hatemongers will not even give him a chance to trey his solutions, but yet they criticize him for "not doing anything".
The cat is out of the bag. The emperor has no clothes (Speaker Boner and the other talking points/ slogan/ lie robots who call themselves GOP congressional reps)
 We have The Internet now, but they don't know it, I guess. the exchange of this information is instant and viral. Please share. The servers and phone lines in Washington are jammed with calls from citizens supporting The president's  plea for rational compromise to avert disaster, just like we have done in the past. Not just No NO NO NO and pandering to the greedy pigs whop want tax breaks on their tax breaks so they can fly around in their private jets fro free while our grandparents cannot even pay for their medicine because  Boner wants to pick their pockets, and blame the poor for being poor.  
It makes me sick. Please consider what our President is saying. 
And admit that this proves that the GOP are lying and stalling.
Thank you.

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