Monday, January 9, 2012

Trickle down tax break criteria by GW

How about this? Trickle down? "Job creators?" Fine Take them at thier word. Any "Job creator" who can PROVE a certain amount of decent AMERICAN paying jobs, WITH benefits, and actually show that, can have a nice tax break and a loophole. They can't fire, lay off, reduce pay or benefits, bust unions, pollute the environemtn, or give any huge and/or undisclosed political contributions to campaigns or pacs or superpacs. They can't ship more than 10% of the jobs overseas, after they've net thier American hiring quota,  and  they can't accept government subides (because that would be "socialist" , wouldn't it?). If they want an additional tax break, they can provide day care, job training, and scholarships/ financial aid for children of employees. If they want additional tax breaks, they can GO GREEN. If they want even more tax breaks they can stop being greedy , lying polluting candidate-purchasing biggot slimebucket assholes.

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