Friday, February 15, 2013

Off with their heads! Throw the motherfuckers in jail!

Off with their heads! Throw the motherfuckers in jail! Take their money after that and give it right to the social programs and clean energy programs and education programs and world hunger solving programs that these scumbags (you know, their political butt-boys in the US congress) are saying "we can't afford." 
Basically. they ARE crime. They ARE terrorism. It comes back to bite us on the ass in a myriad of ways...terrorism...they are, in-effect, financing the next 9-11. And making a ton of cash doing it. Our government regulators are a bunch of on-the-take pussies, and so are the British. So what do we do? Freeze their assets until the investigation is over, a REAL investigation. Go in and confiscate all their computer hard drives and papers. Detain all suspects. And the dirty money they find? Give it to president Obama and say "Here. Now go and do everything you said you were going to do but congress said we couldn't afford it."

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