Tuesday, September 10, 2013


On this 9-11 The President is delaying the vote to authorize military force against the brutal dictator, Assad, and pursuing an international diplomatic solution that includes Russia, China and the UNSC to have Assad give up his poison gas supplies and have them destroyed under UN supervision. Of course, we are all skeptical that he will actually comply, but it wouldn't be the first time an evil dictator backed down in the face of the threat of force. I would personally have preferred a strike to Kill Assad AND take out his weapons, but I am not in charge (unfortunately). The President stated in tonight's speech that he didn't want the USA to be responsible for whatever would happen next in Syria if he was taken out/killed. I disagree with that, but it is not without merit. Many removals of dictators have left the country in worse shape. There is always a new asshole to step up in his place. Bethatasitmay... in this case Assad seems willing to give up his poison gas rather than get bombed. A smart choice for an evil man. We will see what happens. One thing is for sure - if OUR threat of force was weak and not unified, the threat would carry little weight. That was the case in this case. We were fragmented on our decision to use military force and still are. Some of this was based on bad information and propaganda, mostly coming from the far left, unfortunately, who are all too easy to fool when it comes to protecting Arabs. (The other criticism came from the right who said that a small strike was not enough. I agree, but still remain a progressive democrat somehow. Some of the far left, i.e. Chris Hayes, Anonymous, a lot of OWS, wtc, are the same people who coddle the so-called "Palestinian" regimes as they cry for independence while planning an Islamofacist takeover of the middle east and blow themselves up in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This, however is not a tangent, it is also relevant to the Syria issue) Some of it was actual caution based on logical analysis and good intel. Democracy is messy, but it is what we have seen in congress lately on this issue for the most part. A far cry from Bush and Reagan's M.O. for going to war. I wished that 9-11-13 would be a day of bombing Assad, but unfortunately I did not get my wish. Cooler heads prevailed. Meanwhile, Assad is shooting up people in a Christian city in Syria today, but as far as we have heard, not using poison nerve gas. They will bleed to death instead of gag. I guess its none of out business. We will watch the headlines to see how far it goes before it becomes our business. Or not, I guess. So far, diplomacy has failed. For 2 years. Sanctions failed. I hope the world has better luck this time. One thing is for sure though, Assad would not even consider budging if he wasn't facing live ammo. Let's stop neutering The President on this one I say. I have been keeping up with it ALL and he seems to have a pretty good handle on the situation. If I were a congressman I would let him keep his powder dry just in case.

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