Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comment on Rolling stone article about busting Goldman-Sachs

Deregulation is one of the things at the root of this mess. it's like letting bratty kids do whatever they want, and they burn your house down and take all your money, PLUS max out your credit cards. In the next election let's not talk "too much government"..let's talk REGULATE THESE PIGS NOW. And we all know who is the reform candidate. Obama 2012. He just talks plain sense. Listen to him speak. On Immigration, on financial reform, on anything. WE should give him the chance to put his plans, for reform on health care, budget, regulation, immigration, you name it - in effect, with a Dem congress to back him up this time. My GOD! I read this article in awe. It was a very well-written article I want to congratulate you. But the content..DAMN! These piggie investment bankers and suits on wall street, they are sucking money from social programs and costing REAL LIVES. The money we bail them out with could have gone to children's hospitals or to house homeless people. How about unboarding some of those boarded up houses and letting people live in them instead of pushing shopping carts around town? In my town thousands of houses are boarded up and people are living on the street. The wall street piggies have no right to be so (Holy Moly!) irresponsible with all of the money and housing. Couldn't the government handle housing loans and student loans? Why not? They have ruined it for everyone, these wall street piggies. it's time to give out loans for education, housing, cars, and even improving the life of our senior citizens and not try to make a huge profit off of it.
I was surprised when I found out that my student loan had been "sold" to Fannie Mae. No. I made a deal with my bank. I never said they were allowed to "sell" my loan. It should be illegal. Look what happened! Don;t get me started. Did you see the movie Zeitgeist - Moving Forward? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w let more articulate people talk to you, more articulate than me (I tend to babble) . Check it out.

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