Thursday, May 5, 2011

more hamas/fatah bullshit

‎"Our first and true battle is with the Israeli enemy and not with Palestinian factions or among sons of one homeland," stated Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal after the pact was signed.

Palestinians consolidate as Fatah and Hamas sign peace agreement — RT
The two major Palestinian political forces have clinched a historic deal, agreeing to form a unified government.
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Gershon Wolf if they can also stop fighting Israel, and not just each other AND stop fighting human rights (i.e) shooting people at a wedding for having music there), then maybe then they would actually have right to have a country of their own. Until then, they are just the same oppressive pig warlords cut from the same cloth as the late Bin laden, may he rot in hell. And as usual, while they take forever to decide to stop being dickheads, the little guy always loses, not to mention the little ladies, who have no rights at all in so called "Palestine". They finally got a chance to have an election a few years ago and they elected Hamas, a terrorist organization (In Gaza). Things that make you go "hmmmm.". So they voted so have a government that would oppress them. Not good. or was it rigged? Hmmm. And now they are voting to unite, fatah and Hamas. Against Israel. Gee, isn't that newsworthy. let's party.
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