Thursday, August 15, 2013

Islamofacism, or Christofacism,

Any faction or party whose goal is to vote to elect a government that will oppress the citizens with Sharia law is not a political party but a religious fascist entity. In this case they are Islamofacists in Egypt who want people like Morsi in power, a man who neutered the judiciary check and balance in his own government whilst in power. They protest and burn down churches claiming they want to have a democracy where they can elect people who don't actually practice democracy. Much like the extreme right wing here in the USA does when they restrict voting rights and women's health choices...and the right to health care for all citizens, thus abusing their power as legislators. It's instructive to ponder how such people get in to power in the first place. Here in the USA, follow money in elections i.e. bribery and gerrymandering, the well-funded lies & propaganda machine in the right wing media that lies to us when they tell us that there are instances of voter fraud justifying draconian voter suppression legislation...and follow the CHURCH IN STATE tactics of the said machine. They act like they have GOD on their side, but the constitution forbids that. No one religion has the right to influence policy. And besides, what religion says that there should be boter suppression in addition to trap laws to close down abortion clinics, and running interference with already set-in-motion legislation such as Obamacare? Beware, both here at home and in Egypt, idiots claiming to represent the people when they really represent money and Islamofacism, or Christofacism, and use the fragile democratic process to further anti-democratic agendas. In short, they get themselves elected, often using lies and corruption (i.e. Citizens United, right-wing media, bribes, gerrymandering, etc) and, once in power, undermine freedom by pushing agendas that favor big corrupt polluting oppressive criminal businesses and corporations..and bible- or koran thumping bullshit. Know thy enemy. Wolves in cheap clothing. Pigs in lipstick. The Muslim Brotherhood... Heritage Foundation, ALEC, the governor of Virginia and NC, puppets in SCOTUS, Liars in Texas (Perry and his cronies), the NRA, Hamas, Hezbollah,  the tea party... they must be neutered of any power or we are in for an even worse shitstorm both here and in the middle east.  Also, beware ultra-left liberals who coddle Hamas and cry about Palestinian statehood. Just like the Muslim brotherhood, once the so-called Palestinians get their state they will only use that power to oppress citizens with a church-in-state agenda, just like the tea party and ultra right wing slimeballs are doing over here right now. They might not be burning churches like in Egypt, but they are sure closing down abortion clinics and voting/election apparatus in a big way right now. What's next on their list? I will tell you. Anything that helps people who are not rich.

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