Friday, August 23, 2013

update on the American Taliban GOP and their shenanigans RANT

How are these wing-nuts different from corporations and Wall St. entities who also refuse to pay taxes and submit to regulations? Answer: Not very different at all. Some might say "well, they're not hurting anyone or killing anyone, right?" But they are. They are polluting the earth in unprecedented extremes and and investing in politicians and lie campaigns to further austerity and sidestep voter's rights laws and a slew of other regulations, and they are , in effect, cutting citizens off from the help they are supposed to get from the government - the government that people are paying taxes to and fighting to protect in the military. The government is set up so the rich, who utilize the public services, such as roads, sewage systems, police and fire protection, public education, libraries, etc., pay their fair share to help out those of us who are disables or widowed or orphaned or hurt in war or unemployed, etc., with small amounts of food and benefits. Those benefits are very small and are not enough to get by on. Yet, their right wing campaign of political bribery and lie campaigns and sidestepping regulations (and eradicating regulations) work hard every day to stop or reduce those benefits. They, organizations like Heritage foundation and their Fox News puppets, and their bought and paid for politicians, and the Koch brothers who fund them, and this guy Pope who is buying North Carolina, are buying up the country's power structure all the way to the SCOUTS, and have real victims everywhere you look, And they are laughing all the way to the bank. Wake up Sheeple! We supposedly invade other countries to "restore" democracy, but we don't really have it here. That is hypocritical. Today, they are busy in Texas and NC suppressing voter's rights. They have redistricted NC (and Texas & other states) to rig the elections. And they put the NC governor in power to run rampant against voters rights and civil liberties. Attorney general Holder is suing them right now. Texas, and probably soon the culprits in NC. So if you think that this is a conspiracy theory and you watch fox news and believe their bullshit, then why is the US Attorney general trying to stop them (finally)? Battle lines are being drawn. The shit is going to hit the fan. The far right wing-nuts who refuse to pay taxes, yet utilize the services of the land are no different from the right wing-nut organizations who basically do the same thing. And if you let them, they will suppress the truth by buying up newspapers and media outlets and spreading millions of dollars of false information to you in the mainstream. Stay informed and get ready to take a stand. They are already chipping away at everything decent in this country while they line their cronies pockets. Thinking about voting republikkan? Look at what is happening right now with the governor of Virginia. He is a microcosm of what the republikkkans are doing everywhere. Google it or check out my previous posts. These people did not legitimately earn the right to govern. They Gerrymandered the country to suit themselves and are grabbing power and money - From YOU. Meet the American Taliban. The GOP and their cronies.

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