Wednesday, February 2, 2011

more of my healthcare shpiel
Senate leaders from both political parties have agreed to hold a vote on legislation repealing President Obama's health care overhaul -- a top priority of GOP congressional leaders.
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    • Tom Rætz
      That's a dangerous bluff I wouldn't want to play out. You have to remember that buying their own insurance is not out of the question for most of these people. And also that these are the people who write the laws, and if they call your b.....See More
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    • Gershon Wolf 
      basically, we are fighting for socialized health care, like Canada. No one talk about it, but I believe that even if we get the public option, so we can all actually get the same , or at least same quality, health care plan as a congressperson or governor, there might be no stopping private citizens or anyone for signing up for offshore Cadillac plans. The present insurance companies can just set up offshore and sign people up online. I had an insurance plan with a company in England called BUPA international, and I was not actually in UK or a UK citizen. They went ahead and payed my bills. The funny thing was that the premium for that plan was exactly DOUBLE for people making claims from USA health providers. So, there is no stopping rich people from getting better plans, and no stopping congresspeople from getting better plans. In the meantime, we are fighting to have the same quality health care that they have NOW, that's the point. If it's good enough for them it's good enough for us. One GOP guy finally came out and said what the problem was. maybe it was Boner, maybe it was Leberman. He said that if you had a house that burned down, you don't call and get insurance on it AFTER the disaster, you get it BEFORE. makes sense. Otherwise, the insurance companies would go out of business. They need to make their money on people paying regular premiums, obviously. However, if it is standard policy for everyone to pay a premium as a tax, right out of their paychecks, like we do for Social Security and workman's comp, then BOOM we have socialized health care (or at least that option), regulated practices (no more pre existing condition bullshit, because everyone pays), and the insurance companies WHO PLAY BY THE RULES, thus earning the right to do business in America, will get their profits. They don't need to make billions of dollars off of us. If their top guys take home $250,000 instead of millions, then they won't have to rag about losing money. The trend is to spread it around, and to them that is like communism or something. Well, most other civilized countries do it, and they are not communist. We are just socializing health care like we do the fire departments, police departments, libraries, etc. which you are already paying for with your taxes. If we go back to The Constitution, which is out guide, the WELFARE of the people is protected and we have the facilities to make that happen in the modern age of computers and electronic banking. There's nothing stopping me from getting the same health care as a Senator except 1. Their greed,2. greedy people who don't want to kick in out of their paychecks for it, 3. millionaires who just got tax cuts instead of tax hikes, and the fact that my income is 788 per month.

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