Thursday, February 17, 2011

The one kind poem

The one kind poem
Or should I say the much less nasty one
As if
It would mean I never read it
Or printed it
(But I did) not have to write: (But I did). Right?

And although it was , as usual, misguided and one-sided
(Your side)
It almost sounded like it (almost) resembled
Someone I once knew
And Loved

Someone wanting a promise honored
A promise that was never made.
Someone who was hungry
But walked right past their food
Without even noticing it,
While the food rotted.
No, but I thought that I was the one who was promised
Something. Someone.

Or was it just a shadow I was chasing?

It was, must have been, yes, because
You ran from your own house
Because you didn't like the rules
To someone else's house
Where the rules are exactly the same, plus one:
There you are alone
(Or at least minus me.)

And the more light shone
The more the shadow faded
I knew
It was a shadow all along.
And all along I really Loved
No one but who I wished you were
While you Loved
Who you wished I was. 

And so we lost
Nothing, really.

How can a just a mere shadow
Leave such a horrible void
In The House?
I guess it can
Because even a little shade 
Can keep me from getting burned.

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