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warning "No show" musicians

warning "No show" musicians

Date: 2011-03-17, 8:23PM EDT
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There are 2 musicians (and I use the term loosely) who are really bad "No-shows" and left me hanging.
Their names are Ed and Al. Al is 61, looks older and plays Bass. You'll know it's him because he NEVER shuts up. Interrupts constantly and claims he was fired from a band for passing out a gig from vertigo.
His "partner", Ed got fired from the same band, I don't know why, nut I can imagine.
The name of the band was The Tuckstop Troubidors"
Al offered his basement , which is packed with PA equipotent and 2 sets of drums, not set up. All he did was complain.
He wants cassette, not CD. He wants covers not originals. Refuses to practice without a drummer, and when I lined up a drummer, his old partner Ed, first Ed quit and then Al quit. We went to Als' house to teach him the songs and he whined and wouldn't smile all night, didn't even offer us water, and made further offers of loaning us more amplifiers, bragging about his 80 pound amp upstairs. he also says his computer didn't work, he doesn't have Internet, first offered to let me use his printer, since mine was down, and then tonight , get this... He said he can't lend me the printer, can't do originals, can't let us practice there, and this is one hour before a scheduled practice.
So beware of these guys. They left us flat.
Our own core group works very hard and has fantastic songs, both covers and originals. Obviously we are looking for serious musicians.
Both of these morns knew that we were seriously counting on them, and quit without notice. Ed refused to even cover for us one night until we could find a new drummer (8 drummers applied today for his job, once they heard our songs.). Al is basically what is wrong with this country. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a Republican.
(I shouldn't have said that. Some Republican is going to flag me. So, I take it back. I wouldn't even want to insult the Republicans by associating them with this creepy guy.
I'm so pissed off. I could use some good news. If anyone worked half as hard as I do on this project they would be welcome, even if they weren't the best musicians in the world. Anyone who has a love for good music and a willingness to work (a labor of love) on tunes will go far in this business as long as he isn't surrounded with turds.
My lead guitarist read my ad and said "I responded to your ad because it looked like I wrote it myself." Yeah. Kindred spirits welcome.

Want to hear more? A drummer named Matt (His email begins with Tolman or something) was going to audition tonight after Ed quit at the last minute.
He left me a message on my phone that said he read my ad again and realized that he was gigging a lot and that he wasn't a beginner. I finally called him back and said that, no, the ad actually said "NO beginners, please." and he was so embarrassed that he quit anyway and hung up. Another no show. beware of Mat. he gave me an attitude. What did I do to him? I spent an hour emailing him MP3s, that's all. Some thanks I get.
Other drummers told me something like, "No, I don't want to do originals." And I respect that. They didn't make a commitment and leave fellow craftsmen hanging.
We are all sitting here , all of us in this Western Mass area, with no bread and butter. Meanwhile there are IDIOTS out there making tons of money in the music industry because they know how to keep a schedule, follow a little direction, and manage their time, and be nice to people. If you treat people the way you would like people to treat you, and put a little energy into it, you will go far I promise.
I will send each of those fools a CD and a "Non-Invitation" to our opening gig. They will be watching TV with their gear gathering dust in a corner, or bullshitting some other poor guy.
I don't want to start any trouble, but I feel it's only fair to warn the public about these No Shows.

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