Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yeah. It was a bad day,

Yeah. It was a bad day, but at least I practiced all day with my lea player and I baked a cake.
I'm just venting, and warning people about these "ball and chain" guys.
I have also showed up and did my best unprepared many times. It is what makes us good. The experience. Actually, that's how I got into Country music in the first place. I filled in at the last minute, and got hired on the spot. I had never played country before that moment.


Sorry I didn't get back to you,had I known I would have tried to make your practice but I read Craigslist too late.I saw all the flack about your ads.unbelievable,I've gone to play jobs and rehearsals cold without any preparation out of necessity just because the drummer bailed last minute.It's obvious these individuals lack the confidence to undertake the task.I will try to call tomorrow.

Let's talk. Maybe you can listen to the tunes for 2 months, and then jump in. I am training understudies for ALL instruments. In fact, my drummer just FLAKED out (his wifey-poo wouldn't let him commit) and wasted my time. He Never made it to the first practice!
Please call me or give me your number. Thanks

As you know drummers are unreliable.That's where I come in.I'm currently not in the position to assume the responsibilities of being the drummer in your band yet as I have carpal tunnel and a cervical(neck) disc issue.So I must be honest I will have to stop playing for 2 months.You ask "Why is he answering this ad" Back to the start "drummers are unreliable" At some point whoever you get might get a blister on a finger,
or have a favourite aunt die,fall in love or a multitude of excuses on an important date for you to play.I have seen them all get used as I have been playing for 45 years.Don't let my age scare you as some of the best drummers around are even older than me.Needless to say I played in coverbands in the 60's till disco.I then switched over to country rock and country and played in a successful band named Broken Spoke.
I can help you,I'm somewhat of a human start a song at one speed it will end at the same speed.I have no work commitments,I don't drink or drug.If you provide me with the music and give me a few practice sessions I could be available in the future as a backup .I sing although it sounds like you have that covered,I know basic guitar chords and piano scales.I know my way around a soldering iron,I built a guitar amp from scratch.I will provide phone numbers if you are interested.


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