Thursday, January 27, 2011

developing FB discussion after state of the union January 2011

Obama doesn't mention gun control, magazine control, or climate issues. You lost my vote in 2012. Good, now I can relax.
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    • Billy Kohout Lost mine 2 years ago.
      Yesterday at 1:48am · 
    • Kathryn Mary Wood Never had mine.
      Yesterday at 1:55am · 
    • Adam Ian Orenstein 
      Well, he didn't use the word "climate", but he did say: "and especially clean energy technology - an investment that will strengthen our security, protect our planet, and create countless new jobs for our people. We need to get behind this innovation. And to help pay for it, I'm asking Congress to eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies. I don't know if you've noticed, but they're doing just fine on their own. So instead of subsidising yesterday's energy, let's invest in tomorrow's."
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    • Lauren Jackiee Lol
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    • Andrea Iness That was what I wanted to read Adam.
      But I'm still waiting for some Progressives to become as outspoken as Bernie. Or heck the Next Progressive Age, we're due..just hope I can witness it.
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    • Tom Rætz Guns and ammo will be the subject of a separate speech coming soon. He did not want the other topics he spoke of to be lost in what would have been the hysteria had he mentioned gun control in the State Of The Union Address.
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    • Christian W. Limbach So you agreed with the Republican response after? You've changed.
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    • Anthony Zenkus The phrase "Tom is right" sometimes scares me.
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    • Anthony Zenkus Christian, you're an agitator : )
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    • Anthony Zenkus Adam- it's good that he said that part. I'm still not sold. We'll see what he says about guns. It's probably easy when you have 24/7 secret service protection for the rest of your life to not worry about 30 round magazines, but the rest of us have to fend for ourselves.
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    • Adam Ian Orenstein I have a friend who owns six 30-round magazines. Since I was more than a little curious as to why anyone would have a need for those, he said he bought them as an investment: in case they're made illegal, the price will go up. Someone will end up with them though, who is thinking along other lines. He also saves money at the range, because they charge by the hour. Individual rights are much more important than public safety, dontcha know?
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    • Chris Garvey Restricting magazines! What about freedom of the Press? Don't magazines have enough trouble with competition from the web, declining advertising revenues, the high price of paper and mailing costs?
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    • Douglas Robertson II Magazines have nothing to do with gun safety. It still comes down to people killing people. If there is a motive for someone to kill another person or people, regulating magazine size will do nothing to decrease the outcome anymore than having a smaller gas tank in your car will lower highway deaths.
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    • Anthony Zenkus 
      Sorry Douglas, you're wrong. They absolutely do, and that's why they were banned. If someone can shoot 30 shots in a minute or two, without reloading, that makes it easier to kill more people. It's simple math.If that's ok with you, than we are on two different planets. You do not have an absolute right to unlimited gun ownership. You can't own a friggin bazooka or a surface to air missile,and the gov can limit the size of the magazines you put in your stupid smi-automatic weapons. Buy a 22 and shoot some wild turkey- they move fast and it takes real skill.
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    • Charlotte Girard I guess another Hero has fallen from Grace. So what else is new?
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    • Adam Ian Orenstein Douglas, it is not a matter of dispute, everyone present and law enforcement said flat out that if he had had a 10-round magazine, before he was tackled, there would have been fewer deaths and casualties. It really is that simple. And, despite my friend's efforts mentioned above, no one has given me any GOOD reason why a 30-round magazine is necessary for ANY legitimate use!
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    • Anthony Zenkus Douglas won't believe that, Adam. It will be seen as an "infringement" on his Liberty. Sadly, and here's my point for posting this, Obama hasn't said a word about this. I will be happy if he does, but he needs to lead on this.
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    • Anthony Zenkus 
      Proof is in the numbers. In 1980, before gun control laws, there were about 2600 murders in NYC. Last year there were 536. And during Bloomberg's rule (who is the toughest anti-gun mayor we've had), 9 policemen were killed in the line of du...See More
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    • Gershon Wolf ‎3rd party vote then?
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    • Gershon Wolf 
      I wouldn't mind having a machine gun. I just don't want bad guys to have them. So that problem will never be solved. That's why Obongo didn't bring it up at the address. He wanted to mention stuff he could sink his teeth into. He told them they were wasting time trying to repeal his health care bill, and told them why. The rest was a pep talk.
      And the usual presidential setting of unrealistic goals in order to raise expectations for the people to have for their government. That way, when the GOP blocks reforms on climate, energy, tax code, etc., maybe people will notice and not vote them in in 2012 and in the midterms. I would have liked Obama to say: If one innocent man is in a cage, then we all are in a cage. I propose to review all the legal cases of incarcerated Americans (and illegal aliens) and overhaul the entire legal and court system, starting with bail and moving on to plea bargains...and ending with capital punishment and forensics.) Don't get me started. But, anyway, he still has my vote. We need a leader who doesn't fly off the handle, and speaks English. The antiBush.
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