Thursday, January 20, 2011

more part 3

Aaron wrote: "Those bankruptcies are mostly people who HAVE insurance. WTF is the point of insurance if the when you get sick they raise your premiums, and eventually you can't make them and go broke? Insurance companies are nothing more than middlemen, and we don't need them."

Exactly. An insurance company from the government is like  the office at the Kupot Cholim in Israel. One tiny little office with a few cubicles. That's it. No fancy giant skyscrapers that we have to pay for. It will be illegal to raise premiums, unless the all of them raise them at once, and only by a few bucks, like 5 or 10 dollars, not like 500$ a month as soon as you get sick, which is what happened to my Aunt when she came down with diabetes. So you are right. We don't need insurance companies as we know them. Just a guy who pays the doctor for us, and pays the pharmacy, and our caregivers, etc., and collects a percentage of our paychecks to pay for it, each according to his ability to pay. Once that is established, America will look a lot nicer. Everyone will have nice teeth so they can smile, and there will be preventative care. A lot of it is in the Affordable health Care Bill that the GOP is trying hard to kill right now. Everyone knows they are doing that because they are being bribed by the insurance companies in the form of campaign donations. Well, the pharmaceutical industry has nothing to worry about. The more people get insurance, the more money they make, but did you notice that meds cost more in the USA than in Canada or Israel? There are a lot of complicated issues involved, but if a guy like me can figure it out and the speaker of the house cannot, then I smell a rat. The truth is he CAN figure it out. He's LYING. And HIS insurance is just dandy.if they were forced to take the same insurance as everyone else, their shpiel would be a lot different, and so would be this new health care bill that the GOP is drawing up now.
Insurance executives should be put to work paying people's doctor bills, taking a little less of the profit, and actually be involved in health care as an application, not just a scam for them to make money on your blood.

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