Tuesday, January 18, 2011

health care anger

Tom wrote me on FB and inspired me to reply energetically, which is right down below his note. 

Hi Gershon,
Tom Rætz commented on your link.
Tom wrote: "Glen, Rather than waste time trying to convince people (who don't already agree) with the substance of the Bill, you should maybe try and appeal to the futility of this action. Despite all the whooping and hollering, the Republicans control one half of one branch of government. They can pass a Bill that says we should all tickle our asses with a feather every Wednesday for all it matters. There is no chance of it passing the Senate, and if by some means it did, the President would never sign it. It's just a complete waste of time and will prove nothing. Even the Republicans know it's a goof because they gave it a goofy name: H.R.2 - Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act. Really, who would ever sign a Bill with that name into law? The point you should be arguing to Republicans is that it is a blatant waste of time and money when the House could be focusing on something else, maybe something they would like that you don't. Rather than just hammer points they've already decided they don't like, try and find a realistic position that they can see the merits of. Even if they don't like the Affordable Care Act, they might agree that the chances of repealing it are more than unlikely, so they might agree there are issues they'd rather see addressed that they think might actually succeed. If you persuade people from that position, not only will you reduce support for the Bill, but those you'd persuade might look differently at the new House majority if they spend a lot of time on this as opposed to another issue they might find important."

Tom, I'm glad you brought that up, because you're right. But I'm just getting started. I do post about other issues, like prison reform, legal system reform, alternative energy, immigration, help prohibition reform, etc., but since this is the issue being debated on the floor this week, I brought it up, commented on it, and shared the current shpiel from our supporters. I also dug up the old arguments and absurdities from the original debate and re-posted them.
It is implied, and probably stated by Maddow or Olberman or someone in my postings that it IS a waste of time and the GOP assholes SHOULD be debating Wall Street reform, the wars or the economy or JOBS (I posted something about Speaker Boner and his tan and lack of jobs failure..), or ANYTHING but this.
95% percent of the people on my FB agree with us, but there are fiends of friends who don't and it is only one click to share it with them. Everyone has their own pet conservative on their list that will be exposed to this information, and that is the goal. My post could end up in someone's mailbox and it could change their mind, and their vote.
We got slaughtered in the midterms, so there are a lot of idiots out there who either don't vote or vote wrong.
I know the bill doesn't have a chance, but since the GOP assholes brought it up, in a big way, as their showpiece to say"Look , hey, death panels, too much government, etc., and the usual garbage, I am calling them out on it, again, so the people see that they are wasting their time and money, ignoring the other important issues, and literally killing people with these ideas, in a way, on down the line.
Also, the original health care bill was watered down, as you know. The public option was killed, and several other lines in it. If they are bringing their bullshit up, then I am bringing up the laws that STILL need to be in the NEXT health care bill.
I can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors in Washington, hell, what is said on the floor is ridiculous enough! MCcain and Boner are the worst slimy big mouth shitheads I have ever heard or seen!
When Obama called the final discussion before the vote for the health care bill, they acted like a bunch of ornery schoolchildren! President Obama patiently explained to them the wisdom and humanity and fairness of equal health care for all, and how everyone deserved to have the same insurance as THEM, and they just shrugged it off. They proved that they were in the pockets of the insurance lobby as they spewed the party line and didn't even consider any of The president's concepts. A lot of people didn't see that or don't remember it, but I do, and the disease has not been cured. By showing that they are in the pocket of the insurance lobby (because there can be no other explanation for allowing an insurance company to deny a 3 year old insurance because he is to fat...in America, and all the other talking points) we show that they will also be in the pocket of other lobbys on the other issues...and they are. Obviously. They are even challenging the practical execution of the new health care reforms in court in some states!
They picked this issue to waste their time with on a futile bill. - To please their contributors, the insurance lobby, and any other organizations that want to make money from blood in America in the healthcare, healthcare insurance, and Pharm industry. (I heard that 3 out of 5 bankruptcies are from people's expensive health care bills.) Coming up: 2012 elections, and the next midterms.
I will help supply talking points for our team, and postings that will hopefully find their way to Washington and to the voters, so we can win ALL the battles. I would rather play my guitar and eat Pringles, but I think that Reagan and Bush got away with too much crap, i.e. ruining the country and brainwashing idiots, because I didn't take the time to properly complain. A lot. This time those scumbags won't catch me with my pants down. I only wish I could march for it, and properly boycott the dickheads that fund these fascist bitches.
When it comes to the NEXT health care debate and the NEW Bill, and time for legislation and action on all the other issues we mentioned, we'll all come in better informed, better connected, better represented and then anyone who wants to do business for profit in America, in health care, wall street, housing, selling hot dogs, or whatever, they will have to either do it ethically, or risk getting their asses thrown in jail, losing their bonuses and luxuries, and having their industry socialized.
We can accomplish this by pointing out who is wasting our time in the US government, at all levels, and what they are wasting their time with, what they SHOULD be spending their time and money on, and who is bankrolling their crimes, lies and campaigns.

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