Wednesday, January 19, 2011

people on my FB first comments after the health care vote

Well, isn't that special?
‎(CNN) -- The House of Representatives voted to repeal the Obama administration's signature health-care legislation Wednesday evening, a vote the newly elected Republican majority called a fulfillment of their No. 1 campaign promise.
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  • Laurie Mazza likes this.
    • Charlie Logan No surprise there.
      58 minutes ago ·  ·  2 people
    • Eugenia Beh Eff them.
      56 minutes ago ·  ·  3 people
    • Joann Taylor I'm hoping Senate Democrats stand together in Unity on this.
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    • Charlie Logan Even if they don', tWe still have the veto.
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    • Joann Taylor Fingers crossed.
      54 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Charlie Logan It would be a good way to rally the troops, if they did stand together for once. If this goes to a Veto, it will only fire up the Republitards.
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    • Jeri Bailey Alley Bastards. Take a good look folks - these are the people in DC representing you. Thanks a lot. Please VETO Pres. Obama - you are the ONLY ONE in Washington that cares about "WE THE PEOPLE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    • Paul Giglia So the GOP/Tea Baggers will hold futile votes, start senseless investigations, and waste valuable time just to screw anyone not making $1 million a year plus. Do they really think they were voted into a House Majority (only) to do this? If they do, they're dumber than Sarah Palin. And she's dumber than my cat. And I don't have a smart cat.
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    • Linda BlueEyes LOL Paul! Buncha tools, they're just wasting money and time - our money. Our time-
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    • Susan Post Daniell but they (aarrrrggghhh's, who else?) don't control the Senate and isn't expected to pass there. I saw one clip where some rep was saying how some corps were planning on cutting back/out of corp sponsored health insurance supposedly because of the health care reform. I have news for him - they've been cutting back well before last year, yet the premiums have still gone up - which is why we needed the health care reform to begin with.
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    • Gershon Wolf yeah. I've been blabbling about this all week.
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