Thursday, January 20, 2011

more discussion on health care. people want to know...

Aaron wants to know:
Aaron wrote: "What's the point of affordable health care, if the care you receive is crap? I'm not down with being forced to buy any product, especially one that is broken. Single payer health care is the only way to go."

Wolfie answers:

It means that they can't throw you off when you get sick. They can't make it way expensive. They can't throw your kids off as soon as they become 18 or 21 (it's 26 now, which is better.) They can't deny you because you are sick, or fat, or whatever they say (which is what goes on ). Like in Israel, everyone gets covered, even if they are born with a condition, or develop one. So, since everyone is covered, all the time, since birth, everyone pays into it. Or else you have a situation where some guy who thinks he's lucky, or is going to kill himself next week, decides not to pay in. And then some other guy who doesn't want to die next week, and has obesity or diabetes, or some other pre- existing condition, and he gets squat. Even if he has his wallet out, they either overcharge him for his health insurance, deny it completely, refuse to pay for his treatment or meds, or tell him there is a limit on how much care he can get. One man, one fee, one  standard of care. Can't pay? No problem. Let some rich guy pay for you instead of buying his 4th house or 25th black car. By taxing him  a larger % for over $250,000 income. As you can see, even drunken fools like me have to be up on the issues now because the Republicans are hoping that you are ill0informed. No pun intended.

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